Despite the fact that GBP is the national currency of Great Britain, SEPA transfers are still available for its citizens and residents. Despite Brexit, the UK has retained its SEPA membership, as the system is an excellent tool that currently has no analogs for private and corporate transactions in Euro. This payment method combines a perfect set of standards for improving the efficiency of cross-border transactions and merging separated local markets into one.

In Europe, any customer can make a transfer Euro to a UK bank account using the SEPA system. Moreover, such transactions won’t require currency exchange or any relevant commissions. Euro accounts in the UK come with IBANs that are no different from the ones issued in Europe. A SEPA transfer can also be chosen to execute a transaction between the USA and the United Kingdom, given that the American party has a Euro account opened in an EU banking institution. In order to open a current account in Euro, the UK citizens and businesses only have to provide the very basic personal data, which falls under European requirements.